Broiler Equipment



For more information on our Chore-Time Broiler Equipment please contact our sales representative Don Cressman

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C2 Plus

All plastic construction with UV protection and reinforced eating areas.  14 spoke grill design lets bird exit pan easily. Optional windows and shallow pans make this a customizable feeder.  

V shaped pan bottom, double pan lip and anti rake fins all help to conserve feed.  Easy to read feed ring levels and many other unique features help to make the C2 Plus our most popular broiler feeder.


Simple to assemble, adjust and operate, the H2 pan consists of just two plastic parts but can be purchased with optional chute and flood collar.  Fill the pan high with feed for day old chicks and adjust to conserve feed while finishing birds.  Recognized by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers with their award for Innovative Products.

The Liberty's open grill design provides easy access to feed broilers.  Winching system adjusts the flood level or simply lock the cone for full flood.  All plastic construction means no pan corrosion.  With the comfortable fit of its scalloped grill to the feed saving fins, this pan suits both broilers and their growers.


G Plus

Chore-Time's G PLUS Multi-Use Feeding System starts birds well, includes feed-saving features for top conversion and provides birds of various types and sizes with consistent access to fresh feed. Bird friendly 8-spoke open grill design lets young birds exit pans easily and, as birds grow, provides comfortable access to birds.