Layer Equipment



Housing Systems

Chore-Time offers a wide variety of housing options for your layer birds and pullets.  Nesting systems, aviary systems, colony systems and also more traditional housing options are all available from Chore-Time.  

Collection Systems

Chore-Time's Ultralift XL Egg Collector is built rugged and is designed so that each side of every tier has a dedicated set of baskets to individually collect the eggs.  With Chore-Time's counters and readouts, you get very accurate egg counts.  The design uses gravity to gently transfer eggs onto a rod conveyor.  With variable discharge heights and a small footprint these collectors help to move the eggs to their destination with ease.

Feeding Systems

Chore-Time's coreless auger feeding system is the staple of its housing systems.  Unlike traditional flat chain feeders, this unique system mixes the feed as it moves.  Travelling at 80 feet per second it offers excellent feed conversion.