Turkey Equipment

For more information on our Chore-Time Broiler Equipment please contact our sales representative Don Cressman

ph: (519) 671-7776 or e-mail: don@jdwpoultry.com   Please see all the models below and dowload the brochures for even more information or visit www.choretime.com

ATF or ATF Plus 

The ATF and ATF Plus from Chore-Time are the adult turkey feeders known for their proven durability.  Features include heavy duty supports, a wide feed saver lip and feed saver ring.  The larger area between the pan and the shield encourage birds to keep their heads in for less feed spills.  

The ATF Plus is 2 inches taller than the original ATF making it easier for turkeys to pass underneath the line.

H2 for Brooding 

The Chore-Time H2 fills pans high to attract day old chicks and can adjust to a low feed level for finishing birds.  Feed chutes and flood collars are also available on this model.  V shaped pan bottom keeps feed where you need it and encourages birds to eat from the edge of the pan creating more feeding space for other birds.   Great feed conversion and easy to assemble and adjust.

Liberty Poult Feeder 

The Liberty Feeder for poults has an open design that encourage poults to eat from the edge of the pan and also with feed fins actin as anti rake devices saves feed from spilling.   The pan hangs from two hinges for cleaning.  Feed is very visible which attract poults.

Six feed level settings and an all out flood for mangaing feed.