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About Us

Where we came from...

and where we're going



Our company founder James Dean Williamson was born in Pittsburg, PA in 1920.  He served in the Canadian Army during the second world war, during which he sent home part of his pay for safe keeping so he and his father Harold could start a poultry equipment business after the war, using his father's knowledge of poultry husbandry and Dean's knowledge of business and sales. After being wounded in Normandy and returning home in 1946, Dean and his father started their business in Salisbury, Maryland.  

Dean later moved with his wife to Canada and settled in Cambridge, Ontario representing Keenco Feeders and other brands.  Then Dean started his own company in London, Ontario in1961 and became incorporated as J. Dean Williamson Limited in 1973.  Dean's second son David worked for his father and learned the business from the ground up.  David took over as president in 1984.  David moved the business into the direction of egg grading and processing equipment and built a warehouse in the Hyde Park area of London in 1990.  Under David's leadership the business has continued to grow.

Company Founder Dean Williamson second from left.


After over 45 years in business many things have changed but some things have stayed the same.  Our goal remains to serve the Canadian Poultry Industry and to forge strong relationships with our customers.  We believe that to be successful you need to partner with your customer and share their goals.  The tradition that Dean started has stayed with the family and the valued members of the company and will continue with the next generation.  

We have enjoyed the privilege of being part of this industry and hope to have earned the right to continue to do so for many years to come.

Company President David Williamson

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