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The revolutionary Eggs Cargo System by Twin Pack has quickly become the global

industry standard for table egg trays, dividers and pallets.  It's unique interlocking

system helps keep the egg protected during transport.  The Eggs Cargo System

Trays are perfect for Robotics on the farm and in the grading stations to load 

and unload eggs from Farmpackers and graders.  Eggs Cargo System has a wide variety of colours and uses microchip technology to track its pallets.  With its rigid interlocking lightweight design, it is possible to stack eggs six tiers high instead of the normal five tiers.  That's an extra 2,160 eggs per pallet. J. Dean Williamson Limited is the representative for Gi-Ovo in Canada.  Scroll down to see the product or watch the video to see more.  

You can also visit their site for more information at

Eggs Cargo System (ECS)

from Gi-Ovo

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ECS Tray

The Eggs Cargo System Tray from Gi-Ovo is made from 100% RECYCLABLE material.  Unlike other trays on the market the lightweight open design of the ECS Tray allows it to flex and bend and resist breakage.  With two sizes available, standard and jumbo, the ECS Tray cradles the egg during transport.  With many colours available, get your custom colour today.

ECS Divider

The Eggs Cargo System Divider from Gi-Ovo has been designed to go directly on top of the egg trays with no top tray required.  This is what makes the ECS system the perfect partner for Robotics. It's unique design cradles the eggs from the top tray in a pocket, eliminating the need for a top tray. There are guides on the top to help you slide in the next stack and a series of knocks and holes to keep them secure when in position. The design is a huge leap forward in the way we transport eggs and it's no wonder that the system has quickly become a worldwide industry standard.  

ECS Pallet

The Eggs Cargo System Pallet is durable and made of solid plastic.  It can be integrated with a microchip for supply chain control.  

Like the divider, a series of knocks and grooves on the pallet make for perfect alignment of trays.  

The Eggs Cargo Sytem pallet's rigid construction is what makes it perfect for robotic integration on the farm or in an egg grading or processing station.

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