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Meggbot TP100 Render.png

Cobot Automation, located in the town of Ede in The Netherlands is the manufacturer of a cutting edge palletizer for eggs called The Meggbot TP100.

This palletizing system utilizes actuators  to pick up and place stacks of eggs down on a pallet.  It will also place pre-loaded dividers on top of each level of eggs.  This smart and simple system works in conjunction with both Diamond and Moba Farmpackers and the Eggs Cargo System of trays, pallets and dividers.    J. Dean Williamson is proud to be a dealer for Cobot Automation in Canada.  

Compact, affordable, safe and easy to operate, the Meggbot TP100 can help increase productivity and is a great labour saver.  To learn more about how this innovative system works scroll down to see brochures and videos or contact us for more information.


Meggbot Itterbeck-small-44.jpg

Cobot's Meggbot TP100 shown with Moba Mopack 100 Farmpacker palletizing eggs on a farm.


Meggbot Itterbeck-small-36.jpg

Pre-loaded dividers are lowered onto each finished layer by the Meegbot.   The Meggbot TP100 can hold between 12-16 dividers (enough for 3 or 4 pallets) depending on ceiling height.  


Meggbot Itterbeck-small-19.jpg

Forks on the Meggbot TP100 gently guide in to the holes on the Eggs Cargo System trays to place them on the pallet.  Sensors scan the pallet continuously and can pickup where you left off after a break or the next day.


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