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Nest System


This nest is an innovative design for an automatic group-laying nest for broiler breeders, layer breeders and layers. Special characteristics of this automatic nest are its central egg belt and the patented divided tilting nest floor.

As the nest closes at night, any eggs in the nest gently roll off onto the egg belt, and the nests are closed to prevent hens from trying to sleep in the nest. As the nest closes, any dust and other material that gathered will drop off the nest pad, allowing the nest to remain clean.

Made with waterproof film-coated wooden panels, galvanized sheet metal profiles, and stainless steel posts, the nest provides a very hygienic solution, and is a extremely rugged system that will last through many flocks.



Feeding 3.jpg
Perching feeding etc.jpg
Colony 2 system white birds.jpg
Flat top design 2.jpg
Nest operation 1.png
Nest operation 2.png
Nest operation 3.png
Nest Design profile-standard.jpg
Nest Design Profile-XL.jpg
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