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Enriched Colony Housing for the Canadian market

Big Dutchman offers three true Enriched Colony Systems and one "flexible" Colony System which can be converted into an Aviary with additional items.   Scroll down to view details of each one and feel free to watch a video or download a brochure.



AVECH® III is a layer house system which gives you the ability to start off with an Enrichable system, and then move into a completely Enriched system when you’re ready.The AVECH® III is designed to meet and adapt to the complexities of the different markets you serve, and the continued regulatory changes your business faces. Versatility and adaptability is designed into this unique colony housing system. AVECH® III allows for a wide range of operating flexibility from a normal layer type housing system to a fully functioning enriched colony housing system. The AVECH® III system meets today’s market conditions while providing the necessary optional features to meet future needs or requirements.

AVECH 1860/2240

Nest - Area.jpg


The Avech 1860 and Avech 2240 offer the same great features as the Avech III but in a  wider system allowing for more birds per 12 foot section.   See the video below and click the brochure for more information.


Nest - 003.jpg
Eggs and Nest.jpg
Egg saver.jpg
Eggs to Eggcellent.jpg
Eggcellent 2.jpg
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