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Ziggity Systems is located in Middlebury, Indiana and is totally dedicated to the poultry watering market.  Their products are well known for great design, durability and ease of use.  Ziggity's singular focus on poultry watering and its importance to overall bird health and performance are at the core of their business.  They build their drinkers with only the highest quality materials and subject their systems to the harshest of tests.  

J. Dean Williamson Limited is proud to supply Ziggity products to the Ontario market.


Ziggity would like to share the insights in poultry watering they have gained through their years of experience with you, the producer.  Please go to to sign up for their informative newsletter which features articles and videos on a wide range of topics geared to helping producers understand and manage watering systems for optimal results.  Or visit their main page at


For more information on our Ziggity products please contact our sales representative Don Cressman  ph: (519) 671-7776     e-mail:

or Scroll down to see the products listed below.


T-Max Turkey Drinkers

Years of field research and fine tuning has resulted in the T-MAX drinker, ideally suited to the adult turkey environment and the way male and female turkeys drink.  Made from heavy duty materials and designed to prevent spillage.  The flexible, shock absorbing stem allows the drinker to give and absorb the hit that adult turkeys can deliver and also helps to swish water around the cup and keep the cup itself clean.  

For more information on the T-MAX dowload the brochure or visit the site.

D-Max System for Poults

D-Max drinkers are a healthy alternative to bells for young turkeys. Results prove it. The drinker is big and tough to take abuse and the D-Max compliments the way poults drink, helping them trigger the drinker.  Young turkeys push the patented D-Max with their neck, and a flow of fresh water is released as the bird drinks.  Birds easily get all the water they need.

For more information download the brochure or visit the site.

Max 3 Broiler Drinkers

The MAX 3 drinkers from Ziggity are designed to deliver all the hygienic water birds need to thrive and stay healthy.  If you're looking for excellent bird performance, dryer litter and drinkers designed specifically for the way broilers drink, you need the MAX 3 drinkers from Ziggity.

For more information download the brochure or visit the site.

Max 8 Layer Drinkers

The MAX 8 drinkers from Ziggity were designed specifically for the way commercial layers drink.  MAX 8 drinkers feature an exclusive heavier shut-off ball.  Bird movement may cause watering systems to vibrate, so Ziggity made the MAX 8 ball heavier to prevent the ball from rattling off the seat, reducing the chance for seepage.  For more information download the brochure or visit the site.

Regulators and Flush Ends

Ziggity's Pressure Regulators and Flush Ends are made from the highest quality materials and are the first step in delivering the proper amount of water to your birds. Whether it's for the standard Ace, or larger Big Ace pipe, Solenoid or standard, there is a Ziggity Regulator for your specific application.  Ziggity also has the new Pressure Pro Regulators available which greatly simplify pressure adjustments as seen here.

For more information on Ziggity's Pressure Settings please download the brochure or visit the site.

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