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Moba Robotics



In addition to a full line of Grading, Breaking and Farmpacking Equipment, Moba offers a line of Robotics for Palletising stacks of eggs on the farm automatically onto pallets or de-palletising those stacks onto the infeed of a Moba Egg Grader.  Moba has teamed up with Motoman,  a Yaskawa subsidiary and global leading supplier of industrial robots.This partnership with a strong global company was a must for Moba to meet the long term commitment to its customers.


Check out the different models below to see how our innovative robots work.


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MR 40 Tray Palletiser

MR 40 Tray Palletiser is a robotic system which automatically places a row of stacks, (6 trays of eggs to a stack) on a pallet. The MR 40 is capable of palletising stacks of trays coming from 1 or 2 farmpackers or packing lanes from an egg grading machine. It has a max capacity of 108,000 eggs (300 cases) per hour and can process paper trays and stacks on wooden pallets with cardboard layer pads, as well as plastic trays from the Egg Cargo System (ECS).  A perfect addition to your egg packing room next to your Diamond or Moba Farmpacker.

MR 50 De-Palletiser

MR 50 De-Palletiser is capable of de-palletising pallets of the Eggs Cargo System(ECS) and has a maximum capacity of 180,000 eggs (500 cases) per hour. It can be connected to Moba loaders with a continuous running pre-loader belt like the FL 500 Loader for the Moba Omnia or Diamond Innova Graders.

MR 60 Case Palletiser

The MR 60 Case Palletiser is capable of palletising cases and crates filled with consumer packs. Consumer packs can be put in cases or crates by manual loading, or by automation through case packers of the CP or MR-series. These cases can be stacked on pallets for transport to the retail or distribution centre.

MR 10  MR 20  MR 30

   Case Packers         Display Loaders           Combi Units



The MR 10 is specifically designed to pack consumer packs and trays into cases or crates and can be connected “inline”, that is directly behind a block of packing lanes of an egg grading machine, or “offline” via a logistic conveyor system (Contiflow). Depending on the type of egg pack, the capacity of the MR 10 can vary from 30,000 (80 cases) up to more than 40,000 eggs (110 cases) per hour.


The MR 20 packs consumer packs or sealed trays in- or onto displays or shippers. It can be connected behind the egg grading machine in a limited number of configurations, but will mostly be connected offline, through a conveyor system such as Contiflow, away from the egg grading machine.


The MR 30 is a smart combination of the capabilities of MR 10 and MR 20 into a very flexible application for further automation of your packing station. This robot can be set up either as case packer or as a display loader. Since the dimensions of the MR 30 are the same as the MR 20, it can only be connected inline, that is behind the egg grading machine in a limited number of configurations and will therefore mostly be positioned offline, that is away from the egg grading machine. The MR 30 can be equipped with all options that are also available for the MR 10 and 20.

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