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Moba Egg Graders



Omnia PX

The Omnia PX (pictured above) is the newest egg grader from Moba that combines our highest capacity to date with the most advanced cleaning features of any of our graders.  With capacities from 350 (350 US cases per hour) to 530 (530 US cases per hour).   The individual egg handling principle is used on the Omnia PX as with its predecessor the Omnia FT.  Moba has added many new features to the PX series.  The goal was to bring a new standard in cleaning and on the PX the entire machine can be cleaned through the different steps.  part CIP, part COP while other parts are washdown ready.  Also all egg touching parts are disinfected to prevent the spread of bacteria.

The addition of individual touch screens for each packing helps to make identifying and changinging packaging easy.  All relevent information is displayed above the packing lane in view of machine operators.  A simplified process of transferring eggs in the packing lanes frees up more memory for other tasks helps for a more even distribution of eggs across packing lanes.  Attention was paid to 3rd party equipment commonly integrated such as inkjets with our new built in cabinets.  Now you can store these interfaces within the Omnia PX for quick access and also protect them during cleaning.  A larger parts washer is also supplied for COP cleaning of packing lane parts.  

Moba's commitment to innovation is behind the many new features available on the Omnia PX.

For more information on the Omnia PX please contact us today.


Omnia FT

The Omnia FT grader from Moba follows the pricinple of individual egg handling.  Every egg is treated as an individual product.  Once the eggs arrive on the rollers any contact with other eggs is avoided. This is done for two reasons, firstly contact between eggs can lead to cracks, secondly eggs that contact other eggs can spread bacteria. By separating the eggs we minimize the chance of cross contamination.  With an open tubular frame, the Omnia FT is equipped with an egg inspector to inspect for dirty and leaking eggs, washing, drying, crack detection, weighing and blood detection.   The eggs are then transferred to the packing lane for their respected grade.  Gentle, flexible and customizable, the Omnia FT is also available in many capacities 

(170, 250, 330 and 500 CPH).  The Omnia FT can also be integrated with our Moba Robotics to load the grader or to pack into cases and palletize after grading.

Omnia XF

The Omnia XF Egg Graders from Moba are available in many capacities from 85 Cases per Hour to 330 Cases per Hour.  The Omnia XF also has individual egg handling for traceability.  All auto detection available for the Omnia FT is also availble for the XF model.   Thye XF has been a popular choice of grader for medium to large sized grading stations for many years.  Options include:

Egg Washing, Egg Drying, Semi Automatic Candling, Crack Detection, Dirt Detection, Leaker Detection, UV Disinfection,

Blood Detection and more.  With these options th Omnia XF can be set up to meet the needs of your operation.  

Moba 2500

The Moba 2500 is a simple, reliable and economic egg grader that fits well into smaller grading stations with a need for automation.  

This six wide grader is usulaly equipped with a candling booth but can be ordered with automatic crack detection as well.  Packing lanes can be automatic, manual or a mixture of both.  Simple mechanical programming and simple PLC functions via touch screen make this a user friendly grader.  Maximum capacity is 30,000 Eggs per Hour.  The Moba 2500 uses the individual egg handling approach.  Hand pack lanes can be fitted for less frequent grades and keep the 2500 economical.  Loaders are available as well.  Automatic packing lanes have the capabilities to add carton closers and coupon dispensers.  Countings can be stored or printed with  a connection to a PC.

Prima 2000

The Prima 2000 from Moba is a robust and reliable egg grader for smaller grading stations looking for a capacity of 15,000 or 20,000 eggs per hour.  

The Prima 2000 comes standard with a candling booth and can be fitted with an optional crack detector.  The Prima 2000 can be equipped with all manual packing lanes, all automatic packing lanes or a combination of both.  The standard setup for automatic lanes is to come with pin conveyors, automatic denesters cn be added as options.

The Prima 2000 features PLC control systems with touch screen interface, stainless steel construction and the ability to be upgraded with many different options.

Type 68/88

The Moba 68 and 88 are dependable hand graders that are very user friendly.  Load eggs onto the double rollers and candle as they pass over the lamps on their way to the scales. A mirror can be fitted on either side of the infeed for one or two person operations.  4 to seven grades can be achieved. An optional vacuum hand loader can purchased for loading from 30 egg trays.  Capacities range from 3,00 eggs per hour on the Moba 68 to 4,500 eggs per hour on the Moba 88.

Check out the video below or have a look at the brochure.

Mobanette 3

The Mobanette 3 is a table top grader that comes with very little assembly required.  Once you have it set up on a flat surface it only needs to be plugged in and turned on.  Eggs are loaded single file and pass over a candling lamp for inspection.  Eggs are then picked up and placed on aseries of scales until the rght grade is found.  From there the operator can packk eggs from the different grades into their respective packages.  Capacity is 1,600 eggs per hour and between 4 and 7 grades can be achieved.  Very low maintenance and dependable.  Can be ordered with test eggs for scale calibration.

Check out the video below or have a look at the brochure.

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