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Diamond Farmpackers are manufactured in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  Simple yet rugged and with many different features, the Diamond name is well known throughout the Canadian Poultry Industry.  Capacity starts at 70 CPH (25,000 Eggs Per Hour) and goes to 200 CPH (72,000 Eggs Per Hour). With stainless steel construction and reliable performance, Diamond Farmpackers come in many configurations.  All Diamond Farmpackers have the ability to add Automatic Tray Stacking. Diamond Tray Stackers have a maximum capacity of 100 Cases Per Hour or 36,000 Eggs Per Hour.  Compatibility with an MR 40 Tray Palletsing Robot or a Cobot Meggbot is also possible with our Diamond Farmpackers

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Diamond Farmpackers

Diamond 70 CPH  


The Diamond 70 CPH Farmpacker has a capacity of 25,000 eggs per hour and comes in a very compact footprint that easily fits most egg rooms.  It's simple to operate and very durable.  It's Stainless Steel frame ensures that you can keep it clean and looking new for years. The control system is very easy to understand with simple pictures and lights to alert the operator.  The rugged tray denester comes complete with a sensor to alert the operator when it needs to be filled back up.  A flow control sensor can be tied into the housebelts to ensure there is no oversupply of eggs to the Farmpacker.  Comes standard with a 90 degree takeaway conveyor for trays of eggs and can be fitted with an optional automatic Tray Stacker.  

Diamond 100 FPX Farmpacker

The Diamond 100 FPX Farmpacker has a capacity of 36,000 eggs per hour and shares the same compact footprint as the Diamond 70 CPH Farmpacker.  Perfect for farmers who want to add capacity and replace their existing Farmpackers.  This machine is servo driven and has many enhanced features such as "auto speed" where the Farmpacker automatically adjusts it's speed to match the flow of the eggs.  Enhanced cleaning capabilities and a built in egg counter set this Farmpacker apart from the competition.  Easy to operate but with more options than the smaller capacity 70 CPH.  This Farmpacker can also be fitted with an optional automatic Tray Stacker (as pictured on left) for even more labour savings and an MR 40 Palletizing Robot.

Diamond 200 FPX



The NEW Diamond 200 FPX Farmpacker has a capacity of 72,000 eggs per hour.  Its double wide design allows eggs from two or more rod conveyors to enter the reservoir for packing.  Following the servo technology of the 100 FPX, the new 200 FPX has two servo motors to control both the cross pusher and the main pusher. Stainless Steel construction means the Farmpacker will look great for many years. Low tray warning alerts the operator to add more trays to the denester.  Auto Speed Feature, Touchscreen Dispay, Built in Egg Counter and easy access for routine maintenance are some of the new features of the 200 FPX.  This Farmpacker can also be fitted with one or two optional automatic Tray Stackers for even more labour savings and an MR40 Palletizing Robot.

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